New Species

New Amphibians of March 2018

13 new species of amphibians described formally in March with 12 species being frogs and 1 species being a salamander. 1 new genus was also made.


A new Stout Salamander, Pachytriton airobranchiatus, described from the Lotus Mountain in China.  Read full article here


Researchers (Jennifer A. Sheridan and Bryan L. Stuart) investigated the genetics of the Black Spotted Frog (Sylvirana nigrovittata) and discovered that its at least 8 different species of frogs and they described 5 of them. You can read the full article.


Completely new species of frog found from Madagascar, Gephyromantis lomorina. You can read the full article.

Two new species of frogs (Pristimantis erythroinguinis, Pristimantis antisuyu) from Peru. Full article here

Researchers have described a new genus of frogs with two new species (Sumaterana montana, Sumaterana dabulescens).  Read the journal article here


A new tree frog species, Yingjiang Tree-hole Frog Nasutixalus yingjiangensis, from China was described last month. Read the journal article here


A new species of Puddle Frog, Tanoé Puddle Frog (Phrynobatrachus tanoeensis),  described from the Tanoé-Ehy Swamp Forest in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

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