World Frog Day

Today, March 20th, is World Frog Day! If its not obvious, I really like frogs and so do you if you are reading my blog! Frogs are currently facing serious threats to their survival currently. From information from the IUCN Red List site, I have made a graph of the conservation status of all the frogs. This graph excludes the categories extinct in the wild and data deficient.


Over a quarter of these frog species are listed as Endangered or Critically Endangered. This is not good and we need to stop these trends. Now let’s see what happens to the graph when we add in species that are listed as data deficient (ones that the IUCN doesn’t have enough info to categorize them).


Around a quarter of frog species we don’t even know their conservation status. We don’t know if we need to help protect them. We need to find out these answers.

For this World Frog Day, why not give to some frog charities such asĀ The Amphibian Foundation, The Honduras Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Center, or Save the Frogs!?

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