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Herper of the Week: Priya Nanjappa


The goal of Herper of the Week is to highlight people from all walks of life who work with reptiles and amphibians and show their work to others.  This month, all the Herpers of the Week will be women for Women’s History Month. This week’s Herper is Priya Nanjappa. She is a Program Manager at the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies and also the National Coordinator for Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC).

At the Association of Fish & Wildlife, Priya directs reptile and amphibian conservation and invasive species policy. She is also the leader of the Response Working Group of the Bsal Task Force, an international team that works to stop the invasive amphibian pathogens from killing all the amphibians.

You can find her on twitter @ThatPARCPriya 

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