Ten Amphibians to get you into the Holiday Spirit

Nothing quite get’s me into the holiday spirits like some amphibians

Sandhill Frog by B.Maryan

This one reminds me of some peppermint bark

Vietnamese mossy frog

You could make a wreath out of these frogs

Red Salamander by Leif Van Laar

He has his santa suit on

Horned Frog

Red + Green = Christmas

Marbled Salamander by Brian Gratwicke

Like snow on the trees

Blue Spotted Salamander by Dr. John P. Clare

Like snowflakes in the sky

Anthony’s poison arrow frog by Tubifex

Like a candy cane

Frosted like a frosted ginger bread cookie.

The Siberian Salamander can survive temperature of -40 degrees, hopefully it doesn’t get that cold on Christmas.

The Ice Frog gets its name from being seen swimming under the ice often

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