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Subfamily: Neobatrachia
Number of Genera: 3 – Alsodes (19), Eupsophus (6), and Limnomedusa (1)
Number of Species: 26

Alsodidae is a family of frogs from South America. It used to be part of the family Leptodactylidae and Cycloramphidae before eventually winding up its own family.

Olive Spiny-chest Frog by José Grau de Puerto Montt

The genus Alsodes is known as the Spiny Chest Frogs. They have received the name because the males grow spine-like projections on their chest during the breeding season. They are found in Chile and Argentina.

Emilio’s Ground Frog by José Grau de Puerto Montt

The genus Eupsophus is nicknamed the Ground Frogs, even though there’s other genera nicknamed that. It is found in the Patagonia in Argentina and Chile.

Rapid’s Frog by Axel Kwet

The Rapid’s Frog (Limnomedusa macroglossa) is the only member of the genus Limnomedusa. It is found in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

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