Jackson’s Climbing Salamander found after 42 Years


The Jackson’s Climbing Salamander (Bolitoglossa jacksoni) was rediscovered recently after being missing for 42 years. The Search for Lost Species project listed it as one of the top 25 most wanted species.  It was found in the Finca San Isidro Amphibian Reserve in Guatemala. The reserve is home to other recently re-discovered species such as the Cuchumatan golden toad (Incilius aurarius) and the  Black-eyed Treefrog (Agalychnis moreletii).

The Jackson’s Climbing Salamander is part of the family Plethodontidae – the Lungless Salamander family.  Not much is known about the salamander because there’s only been a three ever seen. One of the species was taken as a preserved specimen, another was brought to Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at UC Berkeley to live in captivity but it either escaped or a staff member stole it.


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  1. Could a staff member really have stolen one of these? Really?! Instead of leaving it where people might find out something about the species…

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