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Subfamily: Neobatrachia
Genera: 3 – Macrogenioglottus (1), Odontophrynus (12), Proceratophrys (40)
Number of Species: 53

Odontophrynidae is a family of frogs from South America, specially the southern and eastern part. The family used to be part of the family Leptodactylidae and Cycloramphidae before it was moved to its own family.

Bahia forest frog (Macrogenioglottus alipioi) is the only member of the genus Macrogenioglottus. It’s found in the Atlantic Forrest in Brazil.

The genus Odontophrynus is known as the Escuerzos

The genus Proceratophrys is known as the Smooth Horned Frogs. They are found in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and possibly Bolivia.

Photos by Raul Maneyro and  Diogo B. Provete

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