What to bring when you are froggin

Hey yo, if you are a first time gone froggin or you just making sure you have what you need, you might wanna check out this list.

IMG_0487 The first thing you should bring is a positive attitude because sometimes you don’t find what you are looking for and no one wants to be with a grumpy goose. Next you wanna bring a buddy along. I’m a firm believer in the buddy system. If you fall in the woods and break your leg, you are gonna be shit up a creek. I’d also bring a cell phone so you can call 911 in case of emergency.  Also if your phone has a camera that is a bonus because you want to have something to take pictures of the frogs. You can also use your camera to upload observations to herpmapper and or inaturalist.  You want to bring a bag along to fill with some of the stuff I’m gonna say. Make sure to bring a water bottle filled with water so you don’t get dehydrated or bring a filter to clean stream water. Snacks are also good to bring, such as granola bars. You may want to bring some type of net if you aren’t quick enough with your hands or you want to catch some tadpoles. Bringing a notebook and a pen or pencil to take notes is also recommended. I know people who bring pepper spray and or knives in case of stranger danger. If it’s night and you hate mosquitoes, you can bring one of those head mosquito nets. You should also bring a flashlight or a headlight if it’s nighttime. That’s all I can think of right now, if you think of anything, just comment on the article.

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