Stop saying that poison dart frog is your favorite frog

One of the most annoying things is when people tell me that their favorite frog is the poison dart frog. You know why? Because poison dart frog are actually a group of numerous kind of frogs. To me, its like saying your favorite movie is chick flicks. There are so many different kinds of poison dart frogs and to lump them all into one answer is just lame.

So if your favorite frog is a poison dart frog, here are some better answers.


This is the Golden Poison Frog. It’s the most poisonous frog in the world. How about that for a new famous frog.



This one is the Dying Poison Dart Frog. It is one of the most popular poison dart frogs because it has a wide range of colors of morphs.


This is the yellow-banded poison dart frog. Pretty cool to say instead of just poison dart frog.


Look at this one. It’s the Manú poison frog, you can wow your friends when you show them pictures of it.


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