Frog of the Week

Mediterranean Painted Frog (Discoglossus pictus)

photo by Fabrizio Li Vigni

Common Names: Mediterranean Painted Frog
Scientific Name: Discoglossus pictus
Family: Alytidae – Midwife Toad and Painted Frog family
Location: Algeria, France, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and Tunisia
Size: 2.7 inches (70 mm)

The Mediterranean Painted Frog is known for its bright colors. The species spans over 2 different continents – Africa and Europe but only separated by the Mediterranean Sea. Its a fairly typical frog.

The Mediterranean Painted Frog has a few subspecies.

D. pictus pictus is found in Gozo, Malta, and Sicily.
D. pictus auritus is found in Algeria and Tunisia.

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