900 Endangered Wyoming Toads Released Back into the Wild

wyomingtoadImage By USFWS Mountain-Prairie, credit Sara Armstrong –, CC BY 2.0,

Around 900 endangered Wyoming Toads (Anaxyrus baxteri) are being released in the Laramie River valley area this week by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This is the second year in a row that they are releasing around 900 toads. The Wymoning Toad was declared extinct in the 1980s before it was re-discovered in the  Laramie River valley area. The toad’s populations were decimated by Chytrid Fungus. Hopefully, these frogs will restore the populations!

This project by the US Fish and Wildlife Service works with private land owners for the release of the toads on the lands. Cooperation is voluntary so if you live in the area, please volunteer your land for the toads!

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