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Emei moustache toad (Leptobrachium boringii)

Emei Moustache Toad


Common Name: Emei Moustache Toad
Scientific Name: Leptobrachium boringii
Family: Megophryidae
Location: China
Size: male 3 inches (75 mm) while females are 2.6 inches (67 mm)

The Emei Mustache Toad is only found in China. They are named after their mustache which is actually small keratinized nuptial spines that grow on the male toads during the mating season. The males are also larger than the females which is not the norm in frogs. The keratinized nuptial spines and the larger body size help the males because they fight each other for a chance to mate with a female. After breeding, both the males and females watch the eggs.

here’s a video of a fight


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