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Pelodytidae – Parsley Frog Family

Suborder: Mesobatrachia
Genera: 1Pelodytes
Species: 5

Pelodytidae, the Parsley Frog family is a small family of frogs made up of only one genus. It is named the Parsley frogs because of how the coloration of the frog’s skin looks like parsley. They are found in Europe and Caucasus. There was originally only 3 species of frogs but in 2017, researchers suggested 2 more species should be split off. They added that further investigation should be done. Now, onto the individual species.

First, we have the Caucasian Parsley Frog (Pelodytes caucasicus). It is found in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, and Turkey. It is listed as Near Threatened by the IUCN.

The Iberian Parsley Frog (Pelodytes ibericus) is obviously found in Spain and Portugal but in the southern parts. It was only described in 2000.

Next, the Common parsley Frog (Pelodytes punctatus) is found in Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain.

Pelodytes atlanticus is found along the Portuguese Atlantic Coast. I’m naming it the Atlantic Parsley Frog.

Last, we have Pelodytes hespericus that occurs in eastern and central Spain. It was only described in 2017.

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