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Rain Frog Family – Brevicipitidae

Suborder: Neobatrachia
Number of Genera: 5 – Balebreviceps (1),  Breviceps (17), Callulina (9), Probreviceps (6), Spelaeophryne (1)
Number of Species: 34

Brevicipitidae or the Rain Frog family is found in sub-Saharan Africa in the eastern and southern parts. All the members of the family are direct developing. They also have small heads.

The genus Balebreviceps contains only one species, Bale Mountains tree frog (Balebreviceps hillmani) which is found in Ethiopia. It is listed sadly as critically endangered.

Breviceps are considered the rain frogs or short-headed frogs. The world’s cutest frog is in this genus. 

The genus Callulina is known as the warty frogs. Most of the species in this genus were discovered in this millennium.

Frogs in the genus Probreviceps are found in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and maybe Mozambique.

There is only one species in the genus Spelaeophryne, Spelaeophryne methneri  which is found in Tanzania.

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