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Suborder: Neobatrachia
Number of Genera: 20 – Dischidodactylus, Tachiramantis, Yunganastes, Barycholos, Bryophryne, Euparkerella, Holoaden, Noblella, Psychrophrynella, Atopophrynus, Geobatrachus, Hypodactylus, Lynchius, Mucubatrachus, Niceforonia, Oreobates, Paramophrynella, Phrynopus, Pristimantis, and Strabomantis.
Number of Species: 645

Strabomantidae is a family of frogs that come from South America. The frogs are direct developing, meaning they hatch from their eggs as froglets, not as tadpoles. The genus Pristimantis has the most species of any vertebrate, with over 400 species.


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