Family Friday

Ceratophryidae – Horned Frog Family

Suborder: Neobatrachia
Genera: 3 – Ceratophrys (8), Chacophrys (1), and Lepidobatrachus (3)
Species: 12

Ceratophryridae aka the Horned Frog family is mostly known for the horn like projections on their head but not all species in the family contain them. The frogs in the family are found in South America. Most of the frogs in the family have giant mouths used for feeding.

The genus Ceratophrys is known as the Horned Frogs or Pacman Frogs because of their giant mouths.

The genus Chacophrys only has 1 species in it, the Chaco horned frog or lesser Chini frog (Chacophrys pierottii).

Lepidobatrachus is referred to as the Paraguay Horned Frogs or the Budgett’s Frogs.


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