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Tree Frog Family – Hylidae


Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas)

Hylidae – Tree Frog Family

Number of Species: Over 900
Genera: 49 – Cyclorana, Litoria, Nyctimystes, Pelodryas, Agalychnis, Cruziohyla, Hylomantis, Pachymedusa, Phasmahyla, Phrynomedusa, Phyllomedusa, Acris, Anotheca, Aparasphenodon, Aplastodiscus, Argenteohyla, Bokermannohyla
Bromeliohyla, Charadrahyla, Corythomantis, Dendropsophus, Duellmanohyla, Ecnomiohyla, Exerodonta, Hyla, Hyloscirtus, Hypsiboas, Isthmohyla, Itapotihyla, Lysapsus, Megastomatohyla, Myersiohyla, Nyctimantis, Osteocephalus, Osteopilus, Phyllodytes, Plectrohyla, Pseudacris, Pseudis, Ptychohyla, Scarthyla, Scinax, Smilisca, Sphaenorhynchus, Tepuihyla, Tlalocohyla, Trachycephalus, Triprion, Xenohyla

Hylidae contains the tree frogs and their allies. Most of the frogs are suited for an arboreal lifestyle and have adhesive toe discs for climbing.  It’s one of the largest frog families.





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