New Species of Scinax Tree Frog from Brazil


A new species of tree frog was discovered in the Amazon Rain forest of Brazil. The researchers, Miquéias Ferrão, Jiří Moravec, Rafael de Fraga, Alexandre Pinheiro de Almeida, Igor Luis Kaefer, and Albertina Pimentel Lima, who helped describe the species named it the Jaguar Snouted Treefrog (Scinax oncabecause of it’s similar coloration to jaguars and that the researchers encountered many jaguars during the field work.



The frog was placed in the genus Scinax – the Snouted Tree frogs from the family Hylidae because of similar morphology as other members. The genus Scinax is found from Mexico all the way down to Argentina and has over 100 species in it. 


There’s not enough information to determine the frog’s population levels so it can’t be classified. The construction of the Trans-Amazonian highway BR-319 threatens the frogs though.

Paper can be found here – https://zookeys.pensoft.net/article/14691/list/1/

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