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New Toad in the USA – Dixie Valley Toad


A new toad has been described from the Great Basin region of Northern Nevada in the United States by Michelle R. Gordon, Eric T. Simandle, and C. Richard Tracy.  It differs from other toads in the region due to its coloration and bigger tibial glands. The scientists named the toad the Dixie Valley Toad (Bufo / Anaxyrus williamsi). It’s named after the region they are found – the Dixie Valley in Nevada. The scientific name is in tribute to Robert Williams, former Field Supervisor of the U.S. Fish and

There are many threads already to the toad. Invasive American Bullfrogs can eat them and spread diseases like chytrid fungus. A new geothermal power plant proposal threatens the small piece of habitat that they live in.

Photo by  Patrick Donnelly/Center for Biological Diversity

Journal article found here –


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