Top Ten Fictional Frogs and Toads

Honorable Mentions:

Pepe the Frog: He is notorious but does he really do anything special? Nope, sorry Alt-right.
BattleToads: I never played the game and its just a bad meme
Poliwrath: You are the best Pokemon frog but you just don’t have the personality to crack the top 10.

10) Toad From Frog and Toad


Toad from the book Frog and Toad is just not as cool as Frog. Frog hoards the spot line and is just better. Also his fashion is terrible and he’s a criminal.

9) Throg


Throg or Puddlegulp was a human that was turned into a frog. He became friends with Thor when Loki turned Thor into a frog. Throg then finds a sliver of Thor’s hammer to become a frog like Thor.

8)CJ Frog

CJ frog is from the Jumpstart games. He owns his own damn house so he’s doing better than me.

7) Hypno Toad


I may or may not have been hypnotized to put the hypno toad this high

6) Frog from Frog and Toad

He is much better than stupid ass toad and he delivers mail to snails? How cool is that.


5) Frogger


Frogger was a pioneer like Obama or someone who was a pioneer. He was the original frog in video games that created jobs for millions of frogs.

4) Jeremiah the Bullfrog

Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was good friend of mine but it’s nepotism to give him the number 1 spot just because of that. Any frog that drinks is easily one of the better frogs.

3) Slippy Toad


Slippy Toad is one of the team members in the most elite squadron ever – Star Fox. He is the most helpful one but he’s always getting into trouble so he’s only at number 3.

2) Kermit


He’s the most famous frog since he starred on the Muppet’s but he doesn’t have any true talent to take the number one spot.

1) Michigan J Frog


I could explain why he’s number one but I’ll let this video speak for me

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