Millennials are ruining frogs

Millennials are the blame for most things that are going wrong in the world such as sitcoms, golf , and running. While the greatest generation has almost all died off, we are stuck with possibly the worst generation. Millennials are so terrible, they are also ruining frogs.


Typical Loser Millennial

Millennials love renewable energy such as wind or solar power but you know who doesn’t? Frogs. Frogs just love splashing around in their ponds filled with oil. Frogs breathe through their skin so nothing makes it easier for them to breath than being covered in oil. Frogs also don’t believe in climate change either.


Frog enjoying some oil

More millennials are going to vegetarian or vegan diets than any other generation before. Frogs enjoy other farm animals as friends. If we all stop eating meat, we will have to lower the amount of farm animals. Frogs will lose their friends and sad frogs are depressing. Also it reduces animal waste runoff that frogs love in their streams. MMMm manure.


Real pic of a frog and cow being friends

Millennials have turned frogs into hate symbols. Pepe the Frog used to be an innocent little frog until Millennials came along and turned him into a symbol of hate and Nazism.


Pepe before Millennials


Pepe after Millennials

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