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Suborder: Neobatrachia
Number of Genera: 6 – Cryptobatrachus, Cryptobatrachus, Fritziana, Gastrotheca, Hemiphractus, Stefania
Number of Species: 108

Hemiphractidae is a family of frogs from South America and Central America. Most of the frogs of the family carry their eggs on their back so they are known as the Marsupial frogs.

The genus Cryptobatrachus is known as the backback frogs. They are found in Venezuela and Colombia. They carry the eggs directly on their backs which is why they are named backback frogs.

The genus Gastrotheca is known as the Marsupial Frogs. They carry their egg in a punch on their backs. They are found in South America and Central America.

The genus Hemiphractus is known as the Horned Tree Frogs. They carry their eggs on the back and have “horns” on their head.

The genus Stefania is known as the carrying frogs because they carry their eggs on their back. They are found in Brazil, Argentina, and Guyana

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