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Dicroglossidae – Forked Tongued Family

Subfamilies: 2 – Dicroglossinae (184) and Occidozyginae (15)
Genera: 15
Dicroglossinae: Allopaa (2), Chrysopaa (1), Euphlyctis (8), Fejervarya (49), Hoplobatrachus (5), Limnonectes (68), Nannophrys (4), Nanorana (29), Ombrana (1), Quasipaa (10), Sphaerotheca (7)
Occidozyginae: Ingerana (3) and Occidozyga (12)
Number of Species: 200

Dicroglossidae or the Forked Tongued Family is a family of frogs from Asia and Africa.

The genus Allopaa is from India and Pakistan.

The genus Chrysopaa only has one species – Baluch Mountain frog (Chrysopaa sternosignata). Other names include Karez frog, Malir paa frog, and Murray’s frog. It is found in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.

The genus Hoplobatrachusis known as the Peters frogs or Crowned Bullfrog. This genus is found in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The genus Limnonectes is known as the Fanged Frogs genus. They are found in Asia.

The genus Nannophry is known as the streamlined frogs. It is endemic to Sri Lanka.

The genus Nanorana is known as the Slow Frogs.

The Sikkimese frog or Jerdon’s Circular-flapped Frog (Ombrana sikimensis) is the only species in the genus Ombrana. It is from India and Nepal.

The genus Ingerana is known as the Eastern Frogs.

The genus Occidozyga is known as the Java Frogs or Floating Frogs.

The genus Quasipaa is known as the Spiny Frogs.


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