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Leptodactylidae – Southern Frogs

Suborder: Neobatrachia
Genera: 15 – Adenomera (18), Crossodactylodes (5), Edalorhina (2), Engystomops (9), Eupemphix (1), Hydrolaetare (3), Leptodactylus (77), Lithodytes (1), Paratelmatobius (7), Physalaemus (46), Pleurodema (15), Pseudopaludicola (22), Rupirana (1), Scythrophrys (1), and Somuncuria (1)
Number of Species: 209

Leptodactylidae or the Southern Frogs are found in Central and South America. They live in the water, on land, and even in trees.

The genus Adenomera is known as the Tropical Bullfrogs.

The genus Crossodactylodes is known as the Bromeliad Frogs. All but one species completes its life cycle in a bromeliad plant.

The genus Edalorhina is known as the Snouted Frogs.

The genus Engystomops is known as the Foam Frogs or Túngara Frogs.

The genus Hydrolaetare is found in Colombia, French Guiana, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil

The genus Leptodactylus is known as the Ditch Frogs or White-Lipped Frogs.

By Giovanni Alberto Chaves Portilla –, CC BY-SA 2.5,

The genus Lithodytes only has one species – the Painted Ant-nest Frog (Lithodytes lineatus). It is found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela.

The genus Paratelmatobius is found in Brazil.

Physalaemus is known as the Dwarf Frogs or Foam Frogs.

Pseudopaludicola is known as the Dwarf Swamp Frogs or Swamp Frogs.

Rupirana only has one species, Rupirana cardosoi. It is found in Brazil.

Scythrophrys only has one species, the Banhado Frog (Scythrophrys sawayae).

Somuncuria has only one species, Somuncuria somuncurensis from the Somuncura Plateau.


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