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Frogs and Toads of West Virginia

Frogs and Toads of West Virginia


West Virginia is home to a variety of different frogs from the tree frog and true frog families.

True Frog Family – Ranidae

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American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeianus)

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Green Frog (Rana clamitans)

The Green Frog and American Bullfrog looks the same but the Bullfrog can grow larger and they lack a dorsal ridge down their back.

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Northern Leopard Frog (Rana pipiens)

Pickeral Frog and Northern Leopard Frog  look very similar to each other because of the spots but the Pickeral frog’s spots are more rectangular than the Northern Leopard Frog.

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Wood Frog (Rana sylvaticus) is the easiest true frog to identify in West Virginia. They are brown, red, or silver in color and they have dark “raccoon” eyes.

Tree Frog – Hylidae

Northern Cricket Frog (Acris crepitans)

Eastern Cricket Frog can be distinguished from the other tree frogs because of its size and lack of markings on its back.


Mountain Chorus Frog (Pseudacris brachyphona)

Spring Peeper and the Mountain Chorus Frog are similar but the markings on their back can be used to tell them apart. The Spring Peeper has an X on its back while the Mountain Chorus Frog has 2 backwards parenthesizes that look like )(. Sometimes they touch that can kinda look like an x but there’s also a dark triangle between its eyes that the Spring Peeper doesn’t have.

These two frogs are identical besides their calls and chromosome numbers. These tree frogs are also larger than the ones below. Also note that Gray Tree Frogs are not always gray and can be green.


West Virginia doesn’t have many toads – only three from two different families.

True Toad Family – Bufonidae

The family Bufonidae is known as the True Toads. They are known for their parotoid gland behind their eyes that secretes a poison.

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American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus)


The difference between the Fowler’s Toad and American Toad involves the head. In the American Toad, the parotoid gland the the crest behind its eye does not touch while the Fowler’s Toad has them touching.

Scaphiopodidae – Spadefoot Toad Family


Eastern Spadefoot Toad (Scaphiopus holbrookii) is the only spadefoot toad in the state. Just see if they have a spade on their rear feet.

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