Frogs and Toads of Georgia

Frogs and Toads of Georgia

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True Frog – Ranidae



American Bullfrog


Green Frog


Pig Frog

The American Bullfrog, Lithobates catesbeianus, is the largest frog in the North America. It looks very similar to the Green Frog, Lithobates clamitans, but the dorsal ridge wraps around the tympanum while the Green Frog’s dorsal ridge is incomplete and does not extend all the way to its rear. The American Bullfrog is also very similar to the Pig Frog, Lithobates grylio, but the Pig Frog has bolder spots / stripes on the back of its thighs while the Bullfrog has light spots.


River Frog


Southern Leopard Frog


Wood Frog, Lithobates sylvaticus, is a very easy to identify because of their mask around their face.


Carpenter Frog, Lithobates virgatipes, 


Carolina Gopher Frog, Lithobates capito capito, is a subspecies of Gopher frog found in the Carolinas.

Tree Frogs – Hylidae


Northern Cricket Frog


Southern Cricket Frog

The Cricket Frogs look really similar but there’s a few ways to tell them apart. The Southern Cricket Frog, Acris gryllus, has a more pointed snout while the Northern Cricket Frog, Acris crepitans, has a more blunt snout. The Southern Cricket Frog doesn’t have as much webbing on the back legs as the Northern Cricket Frog.



Cope’s Gray Tree Frog and Gray Tree Frog

Pine Wood’s Tree Frog

Bird-voiced Frog

Pine Baron’s Tree Frog


Green Tree Frog

Barking Tree Frog

Squirrel Tree Frog

Mountain Chorus Frog

Brimley’s Chorus Frog


Spring Peeper

Upland Chorus Frog

Southern Chorus Frog

Little Grass Frog


Ornate Chorus Frog


True Toad – Bufonidae

American Toad

Fowler’s Toad

Oak Toad

Southern Toad

Spadefoot Toad

Easten Spadefoot Toad

Narrowed Mouth Toads

Eastern Narrow Mouth Toad

Invasive Species

Greenhouse Frog


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