Fake Toad Alert


Sad! This is a toad fish. It can easily be confused with actual toads because of its name and that it looks like one but its actually a fish. Wow. The legs are actually their fins which they use to walk across the bottom of the ocean. Fake news media tries to tell us this is a toad. Sick!


Frog or Toad


Is this a frog or a toad?

Sierra Juarez brook frog (Duellmanohyla ignicolor) found after not being seen for 50 years


Researchers have found a species of frog that hasn’t been seen since 1970. The frog is the Sierra Juarez brook frog, Duellmanohyla ignicolor. The researchers were surveying the genus Duellmanohyla in Mexico when they found the frog that hasn’t been seen in 50 years near La Esperanza, Santiago Comaltepec, Oaxaca. They only found three individuals of the species but hopefully there are a lot more out there.

Read the paper at http://www.mesoamericanherpetology.com/uploads/3/4/7/9/34798824/furbush_et_al._paper.pdf

Emei moustache toad (Leptobrachium boringii)



Common Name: Emei Moustache Toad
Scientific Name: Leptobrachium boringii
Family: Megophryidae
Location: China
Size: male 3 inches (75 mm) while females are 2.6 inches (67 mm)

The Emei Mustache Toad is only found in China. They are named after their mustache which is actually small keratinized nuptial spines that grow on the male toads during the mating season. The males are also larger than the females which is not the norm in frogs. The keratinized nuptial spines and the larger body size help the males because they fight each other for a chance to mate with a female. After breeding, both the males and females watch the eggs.

here’s a video of a fight

2 New Clown Frogs Described


Researchers have described two new species of clown frogs from the Amazon. Clown frogs, named after their bright colors, are from the genus Dendropsophus in the family Hylidae or the tree frog family. The new species were considered to belong to other species but because of their DNA and unique calls, they were moved to their own species. The frogs were considered part of the species Dendropsophus leucophyllatus and Dendropsophus triangulum. Researchers believe there could be 3 or 5 more different species that are considered those two species.


Caminer, M. A., Milá, B., Jansen, M., Fouquet, A., Venegas, P. J., Chávez, G., … & Ron, S. R. (2017). Systematics of the Dendropsophus leucophyllatus species complex (Anura: Hylidae): Cryptic diversity and the description of two new species. PloS one, 12(3), e0171785. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0171785

New Species of Frogs found in Vietnam


A new species of frog was discovered in Vietnam by the wonderful Jodi Rowley (@jodirowley on twitter, give her a follow), Curator of Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Biology at the Australian Museum Research Institute, and colleagues.

They named the species the Stone Leaf-Litter Frog (Leptolalax petrops) because of its stone like appearance. It was placed in the family Megophryidae – the Leaf Litter Frogs.

Researchers first thought the frog was a new species because of its appearance and its fast paced call. Sadly, the researchers suggested the frog to be listed as Vulnerable because it was found in only two locations where deforestation is occurring.

Rowley JJL, et al (2017) A new species of Leptolalax (Anura: Megophryidae) from northern Vietnam. Zootaxa 4243 (3): 544–564. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.4243.3.7