Frog of the Week

Hula Painted Frog (Latonia nigriventer)

photo by Sarig Gafny


Common Name: Hula Painted Frog
Scientific Name: Latonia nigriventer
Family: Alytidae
Location: Israel
Size: 5 inches for females, 4.7 inches for males

The Hula Painted Frog was thought to be extinct before being re-discovered in 2011. Its only found in the marshes surrounding Lake Hula in Israel.  The lakes and marshes were drained way back in the 50s which lead researchers to believe that the frog was extinct. The lake area has now become a reserve for wildlife which has helped the species.

The Hula Painted Frog is the only living species in the genus Latonia. There are a few other species in the family but they are all extinct and only known from fossils.

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