Frog of the Week

Sumaco Horned Treefrog (Hemiphractus proboscideus)


Common Name: Sumaco Horned Treefrog
Scientific Name: Hemiphractus proboscideus
Famiy: Hemiphractidae
Location: Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador
Size: Females grow up to 2.5 inches (66 mm) while males only grow to 1.9 inches (66 mm)

Sumaco Horned Treefrog is a nocturnal frog species. They live their lives in the trees above the forest. Females of the species carries their eggs on their back until they hatch into froglets. Sumaco Horned Treefrog has large fangs on their bottom jaw that is used to grab onto prey like lizards and other frogs. For protection, the Sumaco Horned Treefrog opens its mouth to reveal its bright yellow tongue.


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