Frogs and Toads of Tennessee

Frogs and Toads of Tennessee


True Frogs – Ranidae

American Bullfrog

Green Frog (Lithobates clamitans)

Crawfish Frog

Dusky Gopher Frog

Pickeral Frog

Southern Leopard Frog

Tree Frogs – Hylidae

Northern Cricket Frog

Southern Cricket Frog

Mountain Chorus Frog

Spring Peeper

Southeastern Chorus Frog

Bird-voiced Tree Frog

Barking Tree Frog

Green Tree Frog

Cope’s Gray Tree Frog

Gray Tree Frog


True Toads – Bufonidae


American Toad


Fowler’s Toad

Narrow Mouthed Toads – Microhylidae


Eastern Narrow Mouthed Toad

Spadefoot Toad –


Eastern Spadefoot Toad


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